Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting Started with Corel Draw 10 (4) hands to create vector graphics (1)

After the previous explanation, I believe we already know of several functional modules CorelDRAW, and now with the use of previous knowledge to create their own vector graphics it!

Let's look at renderings, is a reflection in the water of the city night. Production need to use the main tools: rectangle tool, circle tool, polygon tool, interactive tools to reconcile.

First, draw the city's buildings

Figure with Rectangle tool to draw a few boxes of different sizes, select them, through the Arrange -> Align & Distribute dialog transferred out of alignment distribution, select the Botton (the bottom of the alignment), confirmed, the right Click the center of these objects control points inside the pop-up menu select the Group (Group) to enable them to always together.

The next drawing of the building windows, steps slightly more complicated, but it is a key part of the work, please watch carefully the presentation:
A tool to draw a small rectangular box;
2 mouse to move the center of the rectangle, the direction will become a cross-type, click the left mouse button and hold down the Ctrl key, then turn right drag the small box to the right place, then do not release the left mouse button , press the right mouse button, the cursor will turn into an arrow with the +, release the hand, a level of alignment with the original box the box will be copied out.
3 Select the interactive reconciliation tool, click the box to the left, following the left mouse button drag to the right of the box, the box 20, like first touch was "reconciled" out.
420 ideographic too much to reconcile in the property column enter the number of which 4, press Enter, you draw 4 squares of the harmonic.
5 Right-points in the second box, inside the pop-up menu choose Break Blend Group Apart (dispersed harmonic group).
6 again, right-click the second box, inside the pop-up menu select Group (group).
7 Repeat step 2, copy the line in the box below
8 Repeat step 3, interaction in the two groups to reconcile the use of grid to generate a square matrix.

Note: The above operation looks a bit to find people to feel not mind, now look at some explanations related to

On the Ctrl key:

Drag the object while holding down the Ctrl key, the object is bound into either move up or down, or move around, but not both simultaneously move in both directions.
Rotate the object while holding down the Ctrl key, rotate will be fixed at 15 degree increments of rotation, in the Tools-> Options-> Edit-> Constrain Angle 15 degrees on the default to be modified.
Change when the object size, size will be integer multiples of the scale.
When creating graphics 鎸夌潃 Ctrl key to create a working graphics, such as square, are round (instead of ordinary rectangular and oval)
Using the Interactive Fountain Fill (interactive gradient fill) hold down the Ctrl key when, filling the angle will be 15 degree increments.
Select an object (the object then appears around the control handle 8), hold down the Ctrl key, the control handle relative to the direction of dragging a control handle, you can create objects in horizontal, vertical and 45 degree mirror.
Step 2 complex on mouse operations:

Drag an object and click before releasing the left-right, it will copy an object, another with a small + sign on the keyboard can also copy an object.

On the "beaten to reconcile group":

Harmonic generated by using two objects, can be seen as a special relationship with associated groups, the group which all objects are the source and destination object shape, color, location control, can not be independent. When we do not need this kind of restraint when you can use the "broken up reconciliation group" to make ordinary objects into groups.

Note: Harmonic group does not include source and destination object

About Group (Group) interaction reconcile:

Harmonic can be used for group interaction, the above step 6 is to reconcile before the group, the source and destination object group up, then talk to another group to interact reconcile.

Are coupled to each one building windows, and group together all the windows, and finally get this results:


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